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These Let’s Talk webinars are a meeting place for young entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals. Every 3rd Wednesday of the month you can meet likeminded friends and get inspired by one of our speakers.

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15 September 17.00h CET-time, by Zoom


Grow engagement by building trust. What if only 3 out of 10 people in your team are working hard towards the company? How can we help our team members be more motivated and do their best and not just do the minimum necessary? Recent Gallup studies have shown that, in Eastern Europe, only 21% of the employees are engaged. As a leader, we have a great challenge to engage the other 79%. We want to invite you to identify tested solutions from managers and business owners from at least 10 countries in Europe in this webinar.


Terrence Donahue, Corporate Director of Learning in Emerson. Terrence is currently working with teams all over the globe, including Europe, so he is aware of our challenges in Europe.

His presentation will address key principles that help grow team engagement and build trust. He will share best practices in our communication with team members that help increase internal motivation, stimulate individual responsibility and ownership.

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This is an initiative of Leader Impact and Europartners