Leaders training for country leaders, board members, and team leaders of national business ministries


Join us when you want:

  • revitalization of the Spirit in your personal life, that of your board, and your leadership teams,
  • to receive energy, fulfillment, and contentment from your work within the ministry,
  • members and leaders understanding God’s vision for their ministry and their position within their ministry,
  • increased commitment and dedication


  • Every Monday in October from 19.30 – 21.00h (CET-time), by Zoom
  • Saturday morning, 30 October, prayer and time of the Holy Spirit

Trainer and moderator?

Abraham Maldonado.


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4-11 October, Becoming a Mediator of God’s Grace
If we are going to be a vital church in word, deed, and presence then something critical is required, namely, enthusiasm and knowledge of the reality of God. In this course, we will explore Leviticus Chapter 8 which describes the consecration of the priests. As one reads it through, one cannot but sense the strange and antique ring about it. It seems so altogether remote from anything that can be considered modern, so that one is tempted to hurriedly pass over it as something rightfully buried in antiquity, and no longer having any claim upon our attention. That attitude is completely wrong, for everything in this chapter is profoundly relevant to our age; perhaps even more relevant to us now than it was for the Biblical generation to which it spoke. God wants to make us living and practising mediators of His grace, not just mere ministry technicians or technocrats.


 15 – 22 October, Self - Leadership and Stress Management
Say the word leadership and most leaders' minds migrate to the people who are under their care. But many people do not realize that to lead well, you need to be able to lead in all directions. In this course, we will explore the 360 degrees leadership concept, our identity in Christ and the roles that we play in life. We will also learn to sharpen our own tools for leading the center, ourselves, in the different roles we have assumed in life.

Ministers have a unique set of stress challenges, but also unique outlets for managing the stresses that are peculiar to the work of ministry leadership. As part of the course, each participant will be able to work out a personal development plan for managing stress.


30 October Saturday morning, prayer and Holy Spirit
We will pray this morning for the Holy Spirit to change us and set us in fire for what we have to do. As a confirmation, a markstone and remembrance of our calling.