Europartners Conference, 8-11 February 2017 - Following Christ in Business

We are very excited about the presence of God, the testimonies of the speakers and the atmosphere of friends meeting each other during our Europartners Conference 2017. Below you will find the PowerPoint presentations of some of the testimonies, and photos. The video presentations will be following soon.

Avi Snyder

Avi Snyder

Avi Snyder is the European Director of Jews for Jesus. This is an international Jewish mission agency, dedicated to proclaiming the Gospel to the Jewish people in a creative and loving but forthright manner. He and his wife Ruth live in Budapest.

Avi talks in these videos about the 5 fears which prevent us from sharing the gospel. In the first video he talks about the 3 fears Paul was wrestling with, and in the second video he adds 2 fears of Moses.  

Patrick Kuwana

Patrick Kuwana

Patrick Kuwana spoke about facing corruption, bribes and being a Christian business leader. From own experience he shared and also answered the question: How to deal with it? He told us about their movement Unashamedly Ethical. View presentation.
He asks: Please consider joining the Unashamedly Ethical movement and getting others in your nation to do the same by signing up at If you want to become a UE ambassador or co-ordinator in your area, please contact Patrick Kuwana on

Patrick takes us along in a personal journey about how to deal with corruption and ethics in business.

Paul Donders

Paul Donders

Resilience is the competence to deal with challenges, changes and unexpected setbacks in a positive and meaningful way. It seems to become more and more evident that resilience is one of the key components for overcoming these challenges. Resilient people live longer and perform better in all stages of life. Being resilient helps us to remain on our feet during challenging times, it helps us to find creative solutions and to take on all the various responsibilities that we are faced with. Life is not makeable or in our control, but it is certainly within each of us to further develop our own resilience. View presentation.
If you want to read more about this subject, Paul wrote: Resilience, Live Healthier, Perform Better. Available here.

Paul Donders explains in this video the current situation we are in with our life and businesses and he teaches us how we can cope with it. It is about the VUCA society, stress, burn-out, resilience and living well.

Adam Walach

Adam Walach

Adam shared his testimony, how he came to Christ and what happend in his life afterwards.

Also he shared the story of working together with non-Christian shareholders and how to deal with our longings and changed goals as a Christian businessman, within that company. What struggles did he face and what solutions did he choose.

View presentation.



Carolyn Jackson

Carolyn introduced the Freedom in Christ Ministries International, which exists to equip the church wordlwide to make fruitful disciples. "What does it mean to be alive and free in Christ rather than tired out from trying harder."  View Presentation.

You can find out more on FICM websites: and 
Or contact:Carolyn Jackson (European Regional Director)


Dagmar Richardson

dagmar richardson foto.1024x1024 1

Dagmar shared her personal story and spoke about women in business in the Bible and the challenges for being a  woman in business. 

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