We are very excited about the presence of God, the testimonies of the speakers and the atmosphere of friends meeting each other during our Europartners Conference 2016. Below you will find some impressions like testimonies, speeches and photos.

Mark Whitacre shared his powerful story about his journey of being an informant for three years in a price fixing scandal and how he received Christ and nine years of prison. Nowadays he sees both as a blessing. It was really great, because many of us are doing the same things and are falling in the same pitfalls and temptations as Mark did, but covering it up we think it wouldn’t affect us. How wrong can we be.

Samuel Smadja, a believing Jewish businessman. Samuel shared with us his testimony, what it is to be a believing Jewish businessman. He also challenged us about our goal, purpose, core drivers and why we are in business. Furthermore he challenged us about the way we act and how we run our businesses. Last but not least he shared some very practical wisdom and principles for us as businesspeople and professionals.

Avi Mizrachi, head of a messianic congregation in Tel Aviv, Israel. Avi spoke about Israel as a miracle. He shared with us how God is fulfilling His promises of the Old Testament to the Jewish people.

Other speakers were:

Johannes Gerloff told us about Israel and its prophetic position and perspective.

Florian Peretz told his impressive story about fleeing as a Christian from the communist regime in Romania. How he restarted his life in the USA without anything. Nowadays he is owner of many companies and he established various companies in Romania to help his people to make a living. Florian supports schools and educates many students to become an engineer.

Albrecht Fuchs told his story how he lives in a kibbutz society, with no property for himself. He is running seven High Tech companies to bless Israel and its people. His employees are young migrants who received schooling and training within the company, so they are able to make a living afterwards.

Young professional program
To get an impression of our Young professional program during the conference 2015, watch this movie about our exchange meeting. Senior businesspeople meet young professional and take their questions.