EventPictureOutreach events are still a strong tool to invite businesspeople, professionals and business leaders to bring them in an environment where they can meet Christ. 

How to Organize

Some key-items

  • Experience: Today’s events are more about experience than knowledge. Knowledge is freely available on every street corner and Internet. Therefore it is important that people understand, feel, sense and experience the message.
  • Atmosphere: Welcome people and make them feel comfortable. Offer an open, safe, pleasant and nice atmosphere. Be authentic in a genuine way. Make it a happening people talk about afterwards.
  • Be clear about the ‘Why’, why should people come? Is this "why" appealing to them?
  • Be clear and brief in your message and make the message happen. Do something or let people do something in alignment with the message.
  • Contemporary: Speak the language of your audience and address their needs. Make it interactive and use new media as well, if needed.
  • People: Make sure that participants meet peers, leaders and business friends who are still in business. Make sure your audience is that what you promise.

If the meeting is about connecting people to Christ, and an Outreach Meeting is, bring Christ in by:

  • Prayer: Pray with people, pray for the presence of the Holy Spirit. In prayer always something is happening, so pray for and with people and bring them in the presence of Christ. Prayer is not only an activity prior to your event, but needs to be present at your event as well.
  • Holy Spirit: God’s presence in the Holy Spirit at the event is crucial. Look and pray carefully during the event what God is saying to you and be open for changes and signals.
  • Ask people for a decision, but also offer an anonymous way to respond, by a response card with follow-up possibility or a separate room where they can pray with someone. 

event outreachFor a more complete and detailed plan, please see:

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We are working on a list with speakers and partners within our network. You can turn to our Europartners offices in case you need a speaker for your event.
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