Valters GermanisHe has started in 2003 in telecommunication (mobile phones) sector, and he has founded the EVELATUS company as retail shops of mobile phones and accessories from zero, and actually the turnover is more than 25 mil. EUR.

He has started with a small shop and service centre and now has one of the biggest retail shop networks, as well as internet shops in the Baltic States. He is also a representative distributor in Latvia of SUBWAY and FitCurves franchises.

The company EVELATUS is sponsor of the Latvian national football federation. In recent years he has attended and participated in most popular exhibitions in Germany, such as IFA and CEBIT.

In recent years, there has been a great development. Valters travels a lot all over the world, and people are interested in his achievements and in the wisdom that raises a person so highly. Recently when Valters was in Hong Kong he has testified in local churches about life with the Lord and how to get wealth of business in practice.

Valters is married and has 5 children.

Sokol StafaSokol Stafa, is married and he lives in Tirana with his wife and their three daughters.
He is running an inspection/certification body for Bio products and he is passionate about nature.
Sokol is involved with Europartners and he is very enthusiastic to bring God to the Market place and likes to see all the challenges as opportunities to get closer to God. 

olivier baumannOlivier was born in Berne, Switzerland. At the age of two his family migrated to Australia, therefore he spent most of his obligatory schooling years “Down Under”. At home it was natural to talk about Jesus and Christian faith. Already at an early age, Olivier started his personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a decision he has never regretted making.

After moving back to Switzerland in 1994, Olivier completed his tertiary education, graduating with an MBA at the University of Berne. He commenced his professional career at the Swiss Government, working in and leading various projects until 2012. During this time the desire to live a life that testified completely to Jesus grew and led to a unique journey of faith.

Olivier has a passion for helping people of all ages perceive and walk in their true calling. He also has a longing to see Christian entrepreneurs and executives being equipped and living out their faith 24/7. Olivier is married to his wonderful wife Linda and loves engaging in different sports.


GoudswaardAbout Dirk Goudswaard (Netherlands), Member of the Board of Europartners.

In February 2015 Dirk Goudswaard joined the Board of Europartners. Dirk came to Christ in 2008 after being ministered through CBMC Netherlands marketplace evangelism. The way of conducting business changed with his transformation and is an amazing experience full of surprises. Dirk studied mechatronics in Rotterdam (NL) and started his professional career in the position of sales engineer at the French-English multinational GEC-Alsthom.

Now Dirk is owner and managing director of VarioDrive, a company that offers both integrated motion control solutions for complete mechatronic systems, as well as highly customised drive components for special machines. Since 1996 VarioDrive has established itself as one of the leading Motion Control companies in the Netherlands.

Dirk got involved in marketplace evangelism by the Dutch CBMC team, among them Wouter Droppers. By serving Europartners, Dirk longs to contribute to reach the business people who do not know Christ and help them to find the Truth, the Way and the Life. Things that are most dear to Dirk in life are love of Christ, his family and his friends. Dirk lives in Oud-Beijerland, close to Rotterdam, with his wife and 3 children.

1909826 47617337458 111 nMurielle Coco (France), Member of the Advisory Board of Europartners

Murielle graduated as Industrial Sciences Engineer and started her career as a quality engineer in the chemical industry in an international group. Nowadays Murielle is Project Manager in the automotive industry, for the European and Russian markets.

With reference to church and ministry: Murielle coordinates some young professional groups in her church and organizes some Christian business events in Paris such as dinners, workshops, conferences. Furthermore, she is a trainer for the biblical entrepreneurship with Nehemiah's project France.

Murielle believes it is time for Christians to be influential in politics, economics, business, art fields.
"It is a special time for us to provide some solutions and advise as Joseph and Daniel did at their particular time."

Her involvement is a contribution to set up the vision of the Lord that marketplace will serve to spread the Gospel.

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