1909826 47617337458 111 nMurielle Coco (France), Member of the Advisory Board of Europartners

Murielle graduated as Industrial Sciences Engineer and started her career as a quality engineer in the chemical industry in an international group. Nowadays Murielle is Project Manager in the automotive industry, for the European and Russian markets.

With reference to church and ministry: Murielle coordinates some young professional groups in her church and organizes some Christian business events in Paris such as dinners, workshops, conferences. Furthermore, she is a trainer for the biblical entrepreneurship with Nehemiah's project France.

Murielle believes it is time for Christians to be influential in politics, economics, business, art fields.
"It is a special time for us to provide some solutions and advise as Joseph and Daniel did at their particular time."

Her involvement is a contribution to set up the vision of the Lord that marketplace will serve to spread the Gospel.

Māris tells:Maris Dizgalvis 2
Māris lives in Riga, Latvia. Explicitly, he calls himself 'I am a child of God', as being his identity. He is married and father of 4 children.
He is the owner and founder of an engineering company offering services in Latvia and Estonia. Māris is also chair of the CBMC ministry in Latvia, a movement to help the entrepreneurs and professionals to reach out and be connected to Christ!  
His passion is to follow Christ and to be salt and light, in the environment he is acting in. He likes others to discover and see Jesus, as well as.
He tells: ‘My motivation to be a board member of Europartners comes from remembering the time when crises hit companies and people were looking for additional courage and motivation to go forward. The connection with Europartners and CBMC helped me to establish a right Biblical mindset that I am not the owner of everything I have. Only God has ownership on everything and I must be a trusty steward. I can rely on God in all circumstances in life as He controls everything and provides in His grace with peace in all situations’.




Sokol StafaSokol Stafa, is married and he lives in Tirana with his wife and their three daughters.
He is running an inspection/certification body for Bio products and he is passionate about nature.
Sokol is involved with Europartners and he is very enthusiastic to bring God to the Market place and likes to see all the challenges as opportunities to get closer to God. 

089A0943Daniel lives outside Belfast with his wonderful wife Dani and 3 kids under the age of five.

He is Managing Director of Cornerstone NI Ltd. Daniel is passionate about the potential for design and innovation in property development and construction to transform spaces, regenerate communities and enhance people’s lives and wellbeing. Daniel leads an innovative company that combines property development and investment along with social impact. He is continually inspired by the concept of Kingdom business and how this concept can change how we do business and see Gods Kingdom come on earth.

Daniel has been involved in leadership of the Genesis Network in Belfast for the last 3 years and has developed Young Professionals a group specifically geared for those in their 20’s – 30’s that want to be empowered to lead in the workplace and keep Christ centre.

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