Māris tells:Maris Dizgalvis 2
Māris lives in Riga, Latvia. Explicitly, he calls himself 'I am a child of God', as being his identity. He is married and father of 4 children.
He is the owner and founder of an engineering company offering services in Latvia and Estonia. Māris is also chair of the CBMC ministry in Latvia, a movement to help the entrepreneurs and professionals to reach out and be connected to Christ!  
His passion is to follow Christ and to be salt and light, in the environment he is acting in. He likes others to discover and see Jesus, as well as.
He tells: ‘My motivation to be a board member of Europartners comes from remembering the time when crises hit companies and people were looking for additional courage and motivation to go forward. The connection with Europartners and CBMC helped me to establish a right Biblical mindset that I am not the owner of everything I have. Only God has ownership on everything and I must be a trusty steward. I can rely on God in all circumstances in life as He controls everything and provides in His grace with peace in all situations’.