olivier baumannOlivier was born in Berne, Switzerland. At the age of two his family migrated to Australia, therefore he spent most of his obligatory schooling years “Down Under”. At home it was natural to talk about Jesus and Christian faith. Already at an early age, Olivier started his personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a decision he has never regretted making.

After moving back to Switzerland in 1994, Olivier completed his tertiary education, graduating with an MBA at the University of Berne. He commenced his professional career at the Swiss Government, working in and leading various projects until 2012. During this time the desire to live a life that testified completely to Jesus grew and led to a unique journey of faith.

Olivier has a passion for helping people of all ages perceive and walk in their true calling. He also has a longing to see Christian entrepreneurs and executives being equipped and living out their faith 24/7. Olivier is married to his wonderful wife Linda and loves engaging in different sports.