Frank Suchy für EuropartnersAbout Frank Suchy (Germany), Vice Chair

Frank was born in Karl-Marx-Stadt, today named Chemnitz. His father was an independent business man and founder of the company Suchy Textile Machinery. He grew up in an atheistic home and he didn’t believe in a GOD. After finishing military service he worked as an engineering educator in a Company Professional College and taught young people their professional training.

In 1984 he met his wife Birgit, and through her he got to know the Christian faith. His Christian faith developed and he experienced the wonderful personal relationship with our Lord JESUS CHRIST.

Out of this fantastic experience, however, a big personal problem resulted. Frank worked as an educator in a communist system and wanted to live his life based on the Word of GOD. Frank was forbidden to talk about and/or practice his faith during working hours. Therefore he decided to give up his professional job, which he loved very much. It was GOD’s guidance that he went into business for himself, and in 1988 he founded a company for the repair and calibration of measuring instruments.

Frank’s vision is that Christian entrepreneurs and appointed executives realize who they are in CHRIST and how they can perform their pastorate in the economy, under the leadership of the HOLY SPIRIT.
We become light and salt of the earth, as well as fathers and mothers, who support other people to embrace their calling and live in a lively relationship with JESUS CHRIST.