Kristiina Drotár Treasurer

Kristiina DrotárAbout Kristiina Drotár (Finland), Member of the Board of Europartners, Treasurer

Kristiina Drotár has a Master’s Degree in Economics. She is a professional in marketing, sales and advertising and has a long experience in leadership in middle sized companies in the publishing, mail order, media and advertising industries.

Unexpectedly Kristiina was drawn to politics in 2011. She has since then been in many positions, among others assisting Members of the Parliament of Finland and a MP of European Parliament. She also takes part in local politics as a Christian Democrat.

Kristiina was introduced to CBMC by a business acquaintance: she was invited to an outreach dinner in 2003. CBMC has been the first Christian organization she voluntarily joined, so there has been a long path of faith in a relatively short time. Kristiina was the chairperson of CBMC Finland from 2006 till 2012. From 2011 on she has been a board member in Europartners – now the treasurer.

Prayer is to Kristiina a matter of heart. She is a board member, secretary, of the Finnish National Prayer Breakfast, which arranged their first event in 2015. Finland has now joined the more than 70 nations, which have the national prayer breakfast organized by parliamentarians.

Kristiina has two adult sons. One of her dearest hobbies is kayaking on one of the many beautiful lakes in Finland.