olivier baumannOlivier was born in Berne, Switzerland. At the age of two his family migrated to Australia, therefore he spent most of his obligatory schooling years “Down Under”. At home it was natural to talk about Jesus and Christian faith. Already at an early age, Olivier started his personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a decision he has never regretted making.

After moving back to Switzerland in 1994, Olivier completed his tertiary education, graduating with an MBA at the University of Berne. He commenced his professional career at the Swiss Government, working in and leading various projects until 2012. During this time the desire to live a life that testified completely to Jesus grew and led to a unique journey of faith.

Olivier has a passion for helping people of all ages perceive and walk in their true calling. He also has a longing to see Christian entrepreneurs and executives being equipped and living out their faith 24/7. Olivier is married to his wonderful wife Linda and loves engaging in different sports.

Frank Suchy für EuropartnersAbout Frank Suchy (Germany), Vice Chair

Frank was born in Karl-Marx-Stadt, today named Chemnitz. His father was an independent business man and founder of the company Suchy Textile Machinery. He grew up in an atheistic home and he didn’t believe in a GOD. After finishing military service he worked as an engineering educator in a Company Professional College and taught young people their professional training.

In 1984 he met his wife Birgit, and through her he got to know the Christian faith. His Christian faith developed and he experienced the wonderful personal relationship with our Lord JESUS CHRIST.

Out of this fantastic experience, however, a big personal problem resulted. Frank worked as an educator in a communist system and wanted to live his life based on the Word of GOD. Frank was forbidden to talk about and/or practice his faith during working hours. Therefore he decided to give up his professional job, which he loved very much. It was GOD’s guidance that he went into business for himself, and in 1988 he founded a company for the repair and calibration of measuring instruments.

Frank’s vision is that Christian entrepreneurs and appointed executives realize who they are in CHRIST and how they can perform their pastorate in the economy, under the leadership of the HOLY SPIRIT.
We become light and salt of the earth, as well as fathers and mothers, who support other people to embrace their calling and live in a lively relationship with JESUS CHRIST.

IanSmithAbout Ian Smith (UK), Member of the Board of Europartners, Secretary

Ian Smith is Executive Director of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries' (RZIM) Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. He joined RZIM in 2006 following 20 years as a senior executive in the corporate arena.

A Chartered Engineer, Ian’s career began in the water industry and progressed to executive responsibility in the manufacturing and construction sectors including management of part of the newly privatised UK rail network in the 1990’s. This was followed by involvement in corporate responsibility, governance and risk management.

Alongside his professional career, Ian completed the University of Oxford’s Diploma in Biblical and Theological Studies at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. Ian is married to Rosemary, and has two sons and three grandchildren. Ian has a passion for evangelism and to see Christian leaders in the business and professional world equipped to share the beauty and credibility of the Gospel. His responsibilities include the strategic development of the ministry both globally and in the EMEA region, and leadership of the prestigious Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.


GoudswaardAbout Dirk Goudswaard (Netherlands), Member of the Board of Europartners, treasurer

Dirk has been owner and managing director of VarioDrive for 25 years until 2020. VarioDrive is a company that offers motion control solutions and highly customised drive components for special machines. Since 1996 VarioDrive has established itself as one of the leading Motion Control companies in the Netherlands. 
Dirk got involved in marketplace evangelism by the Dutch CBMC team, among them Wouter Droppers. By serving Europartners, Dirk longs to contribute to reach the business people who do not know Christ and help them to find the Truth, the Way and the Life. Things that are most dear to Dirk in life are love of Christ, his family and his friends. Dirk lives in Oud-Beijerland, close to Rotterdam, with his wife and 3 children.

Mircea Cirt
Mircea lives in Baia Mare, Romania. He is married with Adriana and has 3 children. Mircea is owner, founder and CEO of the ATP Exodus group https://www.atp-exodus.com/en. His passion is to honour God whit the skills and talents he received as an entrepreneur and business person. He is praised for his contribution to the economic development of the municipality, for the implementation of social and charitable projects, for the contribution made to the welfare of the people, for proof of responsibility and involvement in the community.

He was born at 4 July 1973 and is a member of a Pentecostal, free church in Baia Mare

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