CBMC Leadership Coach training

Pre-Convention training at Wednesday, 20 June 2018 in Belfast

16299236 1260577820675810 1316597879154443591 n1As a movement, we have come to understand and embrace Christian coaching values and methodology as an extraordinarily effective way to develop leaders at every level of our ministry. Our training is based on professional coaching standards from the broader Christian coaching movement, and represents our desire to coach with excellence and accountability.

What do we offer?

Leadership Coach Training, is a unique mix of content, interaction and practice which result in genuine learning, leading to a transformation in the way leaders lead. The training begins at Wednesday with an in-person workshop where you will learn the basics of Christian coaching.

Afterwards, in the eight weeks following the workshop, you’ll be a part of a weekly 60-minute tele class which will build upon and deepen the content you learn at the first workshop. 

Additionally, you’ll be doing a moderate level of reading in the benchmark Christian coaching book, Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus, and in your LCT manual.

What people are saying?

"As I was listening better, I started to care more about the people."

"CBMC Leadership Coaching has revolutionized my way of thinking in the areas of employee interaction, personal relationships, and CBMC team meeting facilitation. Leadership Coaching taught me to listen more intently to what employees are sharing, and to ask questions that draw out issues and thoughts that are important to them. My daughters and wife have opened up more in our talks, which I believe is directly related to my willingness to listen more intently and ask questions that allow them to share how they feel."


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Paul Johnson and Abraham Maldonado

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This training will be held in the MAC, Metropolitan Arts Centre
Training room: The factory

The MAC, 10 Exchange Street West, Belfast, BT1 2NJ
T (Direct line) : +44 (0)28 90892714  W: themaclive.com 

Costs and registration

The costs will be € 50,-- (training, coffee, lunch). Only after payment your registration is final. You can pay at the end of the registration form.
You can also pay by bank transfer through our payment system. Please read the instructions on the payment pages. 


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What is the coach training about?