BridgeMeetings Training, a business leaders meeting place

Pre-Convention training at Wednesday, 20 June 2018 in Belfast

logobmBringing your non-Christian business friends to the Church or to a CBMC Connect3 team could be one step too far, therefore we developed the BridgeMeetings, a meeting place for business leaders.

What are the BridgeMeetings?

These are meetings where we invite our business friends to talk about their personal life and their business, without the objective of evangelism. We offer them a platform to share their thoughts and benefit from each other in a real encounter which leads to connection and friendship. The BridgeMeetings are an open and save place, without judgement. The invitees will receive wisdom and discernment from the introductory talks and from their friends. 

The goal of the BridgeMeetings?

The goal is:

  • To connect with non-Christian business leaders, business people and professionals.
  • To build a relationship based on trust, respect and relevance.
  • To help them to improve their quality of life and their business.
  • To bring them in an Alpha Business course and afterwards in accountability groups. 

The target group?

Business leaders and business owners in the marketplace, who can make independent decisions and are responsible for the strategy and the profit and losses of the company or their department. 


We would like to take away the barriers that keep businesspeople away from receiving the Gospel in an open and fair way. The most common barriers in communication are: distrust, disrespect and not being relevant. 


Part I


Healthy Ambitions

 What are your ambitions in your work, in your company and in your life?

Business and Earning Models             

 What is the way you make money?

New economy

 New paradigms and insights for running your company and business.

Work-Life Integration   

 How to combine a family life with a high demanding job in the marketplace?

Motivations and Drivers

 What are the forces that drive you?

Tough Decisions

 How to make tough decisions in your life and business?  

Part II


Bringing People in their Destination   

 Building on the strengths of your employees for higher performance              


 Effective communications to reach goals and to solve conflicts

Identity and Behaviour

 How do you view yourself and what are the consequences? -
 How to work on behavioural change in your company.


 Stress and anxiety is part of life, how to deal with it?

Meaning and Success

 What is the difference and how to bring them together?

A New World

 A dream for this world and for your life



Wouter Droppers

Title image MAC 470x2371Venue

This training will be held in the MAC, Metropolitan Arts Centre.
Training room is: The Lab

The MAC, 10 Exchange Street West, Belfast, BT1 2NJ
T (Direct line) : +44 (0)28 90892714  W:


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Costs and registration

The costs will be € 50,- (training, coffee, lunch). Only after payment your registration is final. You can pay at the end of the registration form.
You can also pay by bank transfer through our payment system. Please read the instructions on the payment pages.

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What is the BridgeMeetings training about?