Wouter Droppers is president of Europartners. He has come alongside leaders in the business world for more than thirty-five years.

He has had leadership roles in several companies. People seek out Wouter for his wealth of business experience, his wisdom for life, and his very practical and down to earth approach.  He likes to coach and help business leaders to combine faith with business.

Wouter will introduce his book: ‘Shaking Paradise’, the New Jerusalem, the discovering the business lessons of two cities. The main question he will answer is: ‘Where do we find ourselves within the world of business and in which direction should business be moving?’ He begins by taking us on a journey through two symbolic cities in the Bible, the city of Babylon, or the city of mankind, and the city of Jerusalem, as the city of God. The lessons of these two cities and the practical examples described, are both relatable and inspire renewal. A surprising solution is found in the city of Christ, where concepts such as connection, love, and renewal play a prominent role.