CBMC World Convention, Belfast 21-23 June 2018

Extra-ordinary hope

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We are delighted to announce the CBMC World Convention 2018 registration website has gone live. This will be your opportunity to book your place at this special event. The CBMC World Convention takes place every four years and in 2018 we are expecting up to 1,800 Business and Professional Christians to gather in Belfast, Northern Ireland for fellowship, Bible teaching and encouragement. 

Europartners will be playing a key role in the CBMC World Convention 2018.


Pre Conference

Take also note of our pre conference trainings at Wednesday 20 June 2018, just before the conference:

What is the CBMC world convention about?

It is the place to meet your business friends and peers from all over the globe. It is not meant to be a CBMC only event, but it is meant to be a meeting place for Christian business people and business leaders, who would love to incorporate their faith in their daily business and daily life.

It is a place to get inspired, equipped and re-energized. A place to be blessed and being a blessing for others. Great speakers are there like: John Lennox, Michael Ramsden, Amy Orr-Ewing and others. We will worship together with Keith and Kristyn Getty.And enjoy the Irish hospitality.

More info go the CBMC Belfast website.


Theme of the conference:

Theme of the conference is: ‘Extra-ordinary hope'. In our current time this is a message we need. So bring as many people with you as you can, and share this news with all your friends, because we all need this hope.
Two quotes I heard once;

‘I know when people start dying, when I look them in the eyes and see no hope’

‘There is no life without hope’

We are people of light and hope, people of love and faith, because God’s light shines upon us. So share this good news with everyone, because His Son Jesus made this possible. Invite your friends and join us in Belfast and declare extra ordinary hope to the world.


Belfast, Northern Ireland. Belfast is an amazing city, the home of the Titanic and the birthplace of C.S. Lewis are only two of its historical highlights.


This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with like-minded Workplace Ambassadors being blessed and blessing others. Get registered, enjoy the video and don’t forget to check out about our pre conference trainings regarding Coaching and the BridgeMeetings trainings.


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