Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In our desire to better serve you, we have addressed several of the most frequently asked questions. To find an answer to your concern, simply scroll to a question and see its answer. If you do not find the answer to your specific need, please contact us via Please be sure to provide as much details as possible, along with your contact information, so that our team can answer you quickly and accurately.

Business Leaders' Retreat 2019

Can I share a registration?
No. The Business Leaders' Retreat is designed as a three day personal development program, therefore we do not provide the option to share registrations between two or more individuals.

Can I attend the Business Leaders' Retreat for only one day?
This will not be possible since we take all participants on a pilgrimage with a clearly marked beginning and end.

What is included in the registration fee and what is not included?
Business Leaders' Retreat package includes:

  • Business Leaders' Retreat program,

  • Coffee breaks,

  • Dinners and lunches during the retreat,

  • Receptions and refreshments,

Please note that travel to Veldhoven, your room accommodation at the hotel and breakfasts are not included in the Business Leaders' Retreat registration fee!

Are breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the Business Leaders' Retreat fee?
Lunch and dinner is included in the conference fee. Breakfast is included in the price of the hotelroom

When will I get confirmation of my registration?
Registration confirmation will be sent to you shortly after your digital registration and payment has been received. Please print your confirmation and bring it with you to the Business Leaders' Retreat for a smooth check-in. Your registration is only final when your payment has been received. Note: you have to book your hotelroom separately in the bookingsystem of the hotel.

What is your cancellation policy?
We can cancel a registration up to 30 days prior to the first day of the Business Leaders' Retreat. A € 100 fee is deducted from the original registration payment per each cancelled registration. After 30 days upfront, you cannot cancel anymore and you have to pay the full-fee.

Are there other options available if I am unable to attend the Business Leaders' Retreat?
We can change the name on a registration at no cost. Please contact our Back-Office by e-mail via with all details for the requested amendment.

When and how do I check-in?
Registration for the Business Leaders' Retreat is open from 15.00-18.00 hrs on Thursday, 7th February 2019. Please turn to the Europartners registration desk in the hall of Koningshof Hotel. By showing your registration confirmation, you will receive your name badge and relevant information on the Business Leaders' Retreat.
Check in/out times at the hotel:
Check-on: 15:00
Check-out: 12:00
Lazy Sunday check-out: 15:00

Do I need everyone's name to register our group?
Group registration is not possible. We can only process registrations on an individual basis, we need a registration form for each participant.

What will be the language of the conference and do you provide simultaneous translation in other languages?
The conference language is English, and we don’t provide translations in other languages. When you travel with a group we can provide a separate table for your group, so you can organize your translation yourself.

Do you provide sign language translation?
No, we currently do not provide sign language translation.

Do you provide closed captioning during the Business Leaders' Retreat?
All communications during the Business Leaders' Retreat will be in English, close captioning is not provided.

Is reserved seating available?
Reserved seating is not available. However, please notify us on how we might serve you best during your time with us by contacting our Back-Office via

Can I bring my children?
Although children are important to us, we are unable to accommodate childcare during our Business Leaders' Retreat. The Business Leaders' Retreat we host is an adult learning environment, therefore children and infants, including nursing infants, are not permitted in any of the sessions.

Do you have information on the venue?
Hotel information is available online. 
Read more.

Do you have information on transfer to the venue hotel?
There are several ways to get to Koningshof Hotel. Please read the information on this page.

Do you provide transportation during my Business Leaders' Retreat attendance?
Europartners does not provide transportation to the venue.

Public transportation:
For the public transportation, you can buy tickets or a OV Chipcard. More information on tickets and planning your trip:

Are breakfast, lunch and dinner included in the Business Leaders' Retreat fee?
Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are included in the Business Leaders' Retreat fee.


Where can I find a business ministry in my area?
Please visit our Network webpage for contact details for information on business ministries in Europe.

How does my group become a Europartners member?
Please contact our Back-Office via

How do I update my contact details?
To change your contact details, please contact our Back-Office via

Can I apply for scholarship and support?
Information on scholarship and support is available online, please check our associatedonline.

Do I need a visa for attending the Business Leaders' Retreat?
The Netherlands is part of the Schengen Area. Visas and residence permits issued by one of the Schengen Member States are valid also for The NetherlandsAs of December 19th  2011, 26 states are part of the Schengen Area: 22 states of the 28 members of the European Union (Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden) as well as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. (For the time being 6 member states of the European Union, i.e. Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the United Kingdom do not issue Schengen visas.)

All visitors to The Netherlands must hold a valid passport. 
Please contact your embassy to inquire whether you should apply for a visa for The Netherlands.