Business God’s way:

Business Gods Way

The goal of this book is to communicate some of the wisdom given to us in the Bible concerning business. The Bible has much to say on the purpose of doing business as a Christian, about relationships with co-workers, customers, and advisors and about our dealing with money. This is a read worth your time.



Europartners Impulse Booklets

Picture Business FinancePicture Sales and Marketing Picture Managing Employees
A series of short discussions for businesspeople. 
A series of three books, each comprising 12 discussion sessions on topical and practical business problems:

Business Finance
 - Europartners booklet (PDF format)
Sales & Marketing - Europartners booklet (PDF format)
Managing Employees - Europartners booklet (PDF format)

BGW LargeBusiness – God’s Way, a Small Group Study

This six week small group study teaches individuals God’s perspective of operating a business and handling money. Business God's Way is for everyone in business leadership, the CEO or manager of a department, small business or large, whether the business is a start-up or well established.
Topics include: Starting Well, Values, Strategy, People, Finances and Finishing Well.
Practical tools can be accessed in the workbook as well as on-line.

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