This section is divided into:

  • Speeches about Business and Economics
  • Practical Business Items
  • Business as Mission
  • Other Materials


- Speeches about Business and Economics

Business and Economics

These are speeches of our president Wouter Droppers in English and Ukraine/Russian language.

- Practical Business Items

God's Plan for my Company

A spiritual business plan (PDF format)
By Europartners


Business by the Book, Workshop

What would happen if you made your business decisions by the Book? By the Bible that is. This updated version of the best-selling Business by the Book offers radical principles of business management that go beyond the Ten Commandments and other Biblical maxims. Read more
Introduction talks
1. Purpose and ownership      
2. Leadership                                                   
3. Finances                                                        
4. Human resources                                      
5. Organization and marketing                   
6. Planning                             


- Business as Mission

Biblical foundations for Business as Mission

Report by the Business as Mission Think Tank Group (PDF format)
Biblical models of transformation through business practices, October 2013

Business as Mission

Transformation of people and societies (PDF format); spiritually, economically and socially - to the greater glory of God
By Mats Tunehag, Sweden, February 2006

- Other Materials

The profit of values

A Christian vision of corporate social responsibility (PDF format)
A form of management for long-lasting enterprises
by Uniapac, March 2008

The social doctrine of the Catholic Church regarding:

Private initiative and business initative (PDF format) 
a. Business and its goals
b. Role of business owners and management