BAM Global MovementBusiness as Mission (BAM) is a growing global movement. Christians active in the arena of business, charity and church are on a journey to integrate business and holistic mission. But what exactly is BAM? In the book, Gea Gort and Mats Tunehag explain the BAM concept through theory and theology, with stories to show what it looks like in real life. The authors explain that Business as Mission is an expression of a much broader movement. Ideas regarding mission, church, and charity are shifting, and growing number of christians are aiming for a missional way of living out the whole incarnated gospel in their daily lives where they work and live.
The inspiring stories of thirty practitioners active on all continents provide insight into how gospel can be shared in innovative and practical ways in challenging settings: in developing nations, secularized Western cities, or even closed countries. This book will not only capture your mind and heart as you learn about Business as Mission in theory and praxis, but it will also give you a broad overview of this remarkable movement. This book provides insight into this global movement and is of interest for a broad range of people: pioneers, early adapters and leaders within church, mission, and business, but also for Bible schools and universities.

(this book is also available in Dutch)

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BusinessByTheBookNow readers can approach the new millennium by incorporating Burkett's tried and true advice into their business world with this updated edition of the best-selling classic containing some of the actual study material used in Burkett's worldwide seminars.

LovingMondayInstead of grinding it out until Friday and living only for weekends, a successful Ohio manufacturing executive has seen how his work can be filled with meaning and purpose. The key is integrating his work and beliefs. As a result, both grow--along with his love for Mondays. Beckett brings all of life together: work, belief, value, character, relationship, truth, worship and joy. The result is employees who feel valued, enjoy their work, work hard and are successful at what they do. Here is a book for everyone who wants to succeed in business without selling out. Includes study guide and a new afterword.

TheRelationalManagerWhen relationships are nourished, they encourage a corresponding human flourishing, but when they are neglected, health, productivity, efficiency, and individual happiness all suffer. This insightful study examines relationships in the context of business and the community, including the areas of communications, management, money, and security. Using a wealth of statistics and research, it clearly demonstrates that relational poverty affects all areas of a business, and is associated with poor health, ineffective management, and low output at work. A range of tips and advice are offered on developing strong relationships in all areas and at all levels of the work place as well.

BusinessThroughTheEyesofFaithIs capitalism Christian? Is there a Christian perspective on business? How should a Christian use power in the workplace? In addressing such difficult questions as these, Business Through the Eyes of Faith demonstrates how God can dwell at the center of one's life even in the secular marketplace.
Here is pragmatic affirmation of the role that committed Christians can play in the business world. The authors stress the connections between Christian principles and good management and provide biblical passages that support their principles and relate them to the practical issues faced by Christian managers. Issues such as employee motivation, workplace communication, business leadership, the role of profit, and social responsibility are all addressed in concrete terms and reinforced by short vignettes, suggested biblical passages to explore, and commentaries from contemporary theorists and practitioners.
Business Through the Eyes of Faith shows that business can and should be a reflection of God's kingdom. It is an invaluable resource for Christian business students, managers, and those who wish to understand the concerns and motives of Christians in the business world.