IntroductieplaatjeThis topic is about doing business as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Why is it different from doing business in a secular way?
The major differences are:

  • The ownership. We believe God is the owner of our business and company and we are His stewards and disciples.
  • Why am I in business? My drive for business is bigger than myself. We are in business to serve humanity, creation and glorify God with what we do.
  • How am I doing my business? What values, virtues and guidelines define my business? We want to follow the Biblical principles for relationships, money, business and ethics.
  • What is my business about? Is it the product or service I sell, or do we have extra goals as well? We believe that the goal of our business is to serve the common good, being an ambassador of Christ and to glorify God.
  • What should be my legacy? We would like to leave a better world behind, with a brighter perspective for the generations to come than we had when we started our business.
  • Who am I in my business? An ambassador of Christ.


We are different persons, everyone with his/her own calling, so there is not one answer or model for doing business. Each decision and challenge we have to understand in the right context of the circumstances, culture and our personal calling. We know we live in a broken world, idealism isn’t going to work, therefore we need open relationships with God, the Bible, friends and accountability groups to receive wisdom that keeps us on the right track.

Some quotes

  • My workplace is my worship place.
  • Businesses should be characterized by their capacity to serve the common good of society through the production of useful goods and services. (338. Social doctrine of the church)
  • Building enterprises and therefore contributing to a prosperous economy, where people are able to take responsibility for their personal life, work and welfare is the best way to set people free and to help them to  fulfil the basic needs for food, drink, clothing and shelter. (Wouter Droppers)
  • Camcraft | How to Run a Business from Biblical Principles 
  • Ken Costa | Vision on contemporary business