MondayMorningAtheistIt's an easy thing to believe in God but work like He doesn't exist - switching God off. You are most likely struggling with Monday Morning Atheism right now without even knowing it. The revolutionary new book, Monday Morning Atheist, provides insights on this struggle and ways to stop the switch. Watch the introduction video.

Find Peace, Purpose, and Power in your work, today! Read more

GodAtWorkFinding purpose at work is one of the greatest challenges in the world today. In God at Work, Ken Costa writes about how the Christian faith should and can be lived out in day-to-day life at work. As a high profile banker in the City of London, he considers the challenges of living out his faith at work and speaks openly of his own struggles with ambition, money, relationships, success and failure. By using the Biblical principles that underpin his faith and applying them to the 21st century workplace, he offers practical advice on tackling the common problems such as work-life balance, stress, ambition, failure and disappointment. Read more

ThankGodItsMondayA highly practical book looking at making the most of the time we spend at work. Examining our jobs, colleagues and bosses from God's point of view. Expanding the 'spiritual' part of life from the weekend to the workplace and understanding that God is at work there through us, in us, and in those we work with. Read more

EveryGoodEndeavorIn a work world that is increasingly competitive and insecure, people often have nagging questions: Why am I doing this work? Why is it so hard? And is there anything I can do about it? Read more