Ask the Lord to Lead You

By Kingdom at Work

Have you asked God to direct you in your leadership? If not, now’s the time!


If we’re going to be Kingdom leaders in the marketplace, we have to let God’s Spirit lead us.


So, how does that happen?

Let’s look at Moses in Exodus 33. He knew how important it was for the Lord to take hold of his leadership. He knew the Lord had been telling him to “lead these people.” (v. 12) So, Moses asked the Lord to teach him his ways! He said, “If you are pleased with me, teach me your ways so I may know you and continue to find favor with you.” (v. 33) Moses knew how imperative it was to ask the Lord to lead him so he could advance His Kingdom.

Rick Betenbough, Founder of Kingdom at Work & CEO of Betenbough Companies asks this question so clearly:

“How can we lead in His Kingdom if we don’t spend time with the King?”

If you’re spending time with the King and asking him to lead you, be ready for Him to answer you! If the Lord is speaking to you, it’s time to start listening… and if you start listening, you need to start obeying.

Andrew Dobbins, owner of Intelligent Design, an air conditioning and heating company based out of Tuscon, Arizona, asked the Lord to lead him as he began the journey into transforming His business into a Kingdom business. He was often misjudged by his rough exterior, but when God entered his business, things began to turn around. Andrew asked the Lord to lead him on where to go and what to do, then after receiving those instructions, he obeyed. The trajectory of his leadership and company culture changed forever. The Lord brought forth fruit from brokenness in this business, leaving a ripple effect that would allow its employees to find the beauty in their own brokenness. A Kingdom culture emerged after Andrew asked the Lord to lead him!

Think about what asking the Lord to lead you could do for you in your life & in your business. Will you ask the Lord to lead you? Will you intentionally spend time with the King in order to better lead in His Kingdom?

First, ask the Lord to lead you, then:

  1. Be ready for the Lord to speak.
  2. Be ready to listen.
  3. Be ready to obey.

Let’s do this!

Watch the Andrew Dobbins’ story in the Kingdom at Work Film: “Intelligent Design” here.

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