10 – 13 OCTOBER 2024


A place to meet, enjoy, get inspired and building your faith.

You are warmly invited to join us at the serene Moulin de Vernègues in Mallemort, nestled in the South of France, where the essence of tradition and tranquility awaits. This retreat, especially designed for our ministry and small groups leaders, as well as our close friends working together with Europartners, combines spiritual enrichment with strategic life planning. 

Delve into our theme “Being with – Living with God,” and gain insights to stop drifting and master control over your life’s directions.

Surrounded by the authenticity of a historic Provencal farmhouse, complete with modern comforts like a spa and gourmet dining, Moulin de Vernègues is the ideal setting for reflective prayer, engaging keynote talks, and networking. Here, amidst the peaceful landscapes, engage in activities designed to inspire and challenge you, equipping you with the life planning tools and means to lead a purpose-driven life.

The venue

Enjoy the sun, the pleasant weather and hospitality of the Provence in the south of France. We will stay in the charming hotel Moulin de Vernègues.

Flying to France
For those flying in, your gateway is Marseille Provence Airport. Make sure your arrival time is before 15.00h CET as we have free transportation available towards the hotel at 13.00h and 16.00h. On Sunday a bus will bring everyone back at 12:00 hours.

The speakers

Dennis de Graaf (VP Europartners), Rodoljub Orescanin (VP Surpassing Success) and Wouter Droppers (President Europartners) are the inspirational speakers and moderators, giving insights and guidance to the retreat.

Dennis de Graaf

Rodoljub Orescanin

Wouter Droppers

The worship team

Steve & Lydia Mallison-Jones live with their family in St Hippolyte du Fort, an hour north of Montpellier, in the foothills of the Cévennes. They met in Israel, have been married for 28 years, and have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. They are entrepreneurs who have run boutique executive search businesses since 2002.

Lydia is an architect and artist. Steve pioneered a co-working space in Watford, England, incorporating a prayer room. The workplace community would gather for prayer and worship. He is a worship leader and loves finding places to rest in the Lord’s presence.


Join us for an unforgettable weekend retreat at the Moulin de Vernègues, nestled in the beautiful Mediterranean surroundings. This is a perfect opportunity to relax and deepen your connection with your peers and God.

Single Room: The cost for a single room is €945, which includes all meals, drinks, and accommodation. Flight costs are not included.

Double Room: The cost for a double room is €745 per person, covering all meals, drinks, and accommodation. Flight costs are not included.

Discover peace and spiritual renewal in this idyllic setting, perfect for reflection and connection. 

After the payment your registration is final.

The program

Join us at Moulin de Vernègues for our upcoming retreat, starting on Thursday, October 10th.

We’ll kick off our retreat at 5:00 PM with a casual reception, offering a chance to reconnect and meet new friends.

Following the reception, we’ll introduce our theme, “Being With,” and outline our schedule and objectives.

Throughout the retreat, we’ll facilitate intimate discussions and personal sharing in small groups to foster deeper connections.

Each evening, enjoy a delightful French dinner and leisure time to relax and socialize in the serene surroundings of Provence.

Here’s a brief overview of our schedule:

  • Thursday, October 10th:
    • 5:00 PM: Informal reception and introduction to the retreat theme
    • Small group discussions
    • French dinner
    • Leisure time
  • Friday, October 11th:
    • Morning worship and Lectio Divina
    • Plenary session on “Being With – Immanuel”
    • Table discussions and coffee
    • Contemplative walking session
    • Lunch and free time
    • Plenary session on developing your life plan
    • French dinner and leisure time
  • Saturday, October 12th:
    • Morning Lectio Divina and French breakfast
    • Plenary session on “Surpassing Success”
    • Guided walk and reflections
    • Lunch and free time
    • Plenary session on considering life’s impacts
    • Ministry prayer and prophetic time
    • Dinner
  • Sunday, October 13th:
    • Morning Lectio Divina and worship session
    • Closing plenary with commissioning time
    • The Lord’s Supper
    • Final remarks and coffee


For those flying in, your gateway is Marseille Provence Airport. For more information about your arrival and planning your journey, please visit the Marseille Provence Airport website.

As we offer free transportation to the hotel and back to the airport, it is important to book your arrival and departure in correspondence with the transportation hours.

We have a shuttle service to the hotel at 13.00h and 16.00h. Outside these hours travel is at your own expenses.

We all leave at 11.30h to the airport. Arrival at the airport will be 12.30h. Be aware that your flight is not leaving before 14.00h.

If you’re not able to use our shuttle service, you book an Uber.

If you have a preferred roommate and you know the name already, please fill in the field ‘With whom will you be sharing the room’ in the registration form.

If you would like us to check with whom you can share the room, you can leave the field empty and we will provide a roommate, gender equal and if possible one who is coming from your nation.

If we can not provide a gender equal roommate, you will sleep at your own for the double room rate.

You can go to the reception desk of Europartners in the hotel or contact Annelies Luken or Wouter Droppers.

Sure, you can.

You can book it yourself at the hotel and can use the following booking code – Europartners Conference – and send it to reception.moulindevernegues@sowell.fr

Inform them about the extra days you would like to stay and they will help you and ensure you that you do not have to change rooms. Please remind them and check this for your own convenience.

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