This weekend in Kiev we had a blessed young professional meeting. Together with 20 enthusiastic young leaders we learned how we can do business and finances God’s way.
We went to great length to make these topics practical. The training was very well received. 2018 10 Kiev
The content was highly valued. Peter Briscoe, who developed and gave the training did a great job.

We also met with the leadership team of CBMC. They have now 5 teams in the Ukraine. Kiev, Odessa, Tsjernobyl, Lviv and Donetsk. And today I received a message of a friend, who would like to start in Uman. The ministry is flourishing. Pray for the Ukraine, for our friends, this new team in Uman and for the leadership team of the young professionals.


It was a great pleasure to meet our friends from Romania again after the conference in Belfast. 2018 10 Romania3
We had a blessed meeting, of two days, in Baia Mare with a 40 businesspeople. The seminar was about Business God's way.
Topics we covered were: 'Who is the owner of your business, what is business excellence and what is the bottom-line of our business?' The content was highly valued and led to a new invitation next year in Bistrica.
Sunday we spoke in the local church. At Monday we had one-to-one meetings and were able to visit a few companies and could discuss their operations with their management teams. At Tuesday we have visited Bistrica, another company and the local Evangelical School the Christian business owners of this town had built for their community. We felt blessed to share so many insights and to receive so much hospitality of our friends. Pray for the process after the meetings. That all people will understand the message and can apply it to their own life and business.

2018 10 Romania2

We went to Estonia to promote the Young Professionals Academy in Estonia and in Latvia on a Young Professionals Weekend.
It was a success regarding the Latvian people.
They would like to receive this education in their nation and in principle we agreed to start the YPA on 11-13 January in Riga. 2018 09 Estonia

Besides this we did two radio interviews, preached in a Church and talked about the development of CBMC in Estonia.
We encouraged the leaders, because it is not easy for them. Estonia is very secular and seeing business as discipleship is not popular.
Therefore we discussed several options for a grow model. Please remember CBMC Estonia in your prayers.
We had great personal encounters with the participants of the YPW.
Especially the topic 'Identity' has been cause of a lively discussion and it had a powerful effect on many.
The difference between our identity and the roles we have in life was new. Inspiring was also the fact that we are beloved anyway,
due to the love and grace of God and not due to our behaviour.
The love and grace of God do not justify sin, but are an inspiration and result in a desire and longing in us,
to live this love and to share this love. It is God who, because of our identity as beloved children of God,
likes to make us whole again, as people who are one. Being and doing are merging together,
over time, due to the work of Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit in us,
with the goal to become a (business)person to the image and likeness of Christ.
Pray for our friends and that this joyful news of the gospel will be spread.


You all prayed a lot for this convention and it prooved to be worth it. We have had a great time, very good teachings and many fruitful and touching encounters. Let me share just some stories out of many.2018 06 CBMC 1
• The day after we had a great speech of Steve Price of Jasco products, who give 50% of his profit away and where people queue up to receive wisdom and learn about discipleship, I spoke with a business persons who was that inspired that he will start giving away 10% of the profit of his company.
• The following message, I received by mail: On the return from Belfast on the plane, the Holy Spirit moulded me so that I made a decision inspired by your material. I decided to make a public statement of commitment. The goal of this commitment was:
- To publicly declare my commitment as a Christian businessman, I will also put it on the company's website.
- To call on other businessmen to come out in front of the church. 15 people did come out in front of the church. The pastor prayed for us afterwards, this was a moment of grace.
- This all lead to the shaping of the company's marketing communications where we will declare our faith.
• I received from a good friend the following message: We are all seeing God at work in our cities and in the marketplace. I am making contact with several professionals in my new city. I am also sensing God working in my life as a calling to marketplace ministry here in the Ukraine. We are gathering professionals together and starting to connect for discipleship opportunities involving Operation Timothy.
• I spoke with people from Finland, Spain, Romania, Ukraine and Latvia who would like to start new CBMC teams in their cities and nations.2018 06 CBMC 2

Our Young Professionals Academy in Cluj held it's second weekend at the end of June. Frans van Santen and Peter Briscoe taught on "Discovering God's way for your Business and Finance". The wisdom that the Bible provides on these subjects is massive. Unfortunately, many Christians are not aware of this wisdom because we don't hear much about it. We noticed that this is the case in Cluj as well, so we were grateful to fill this void and bless our young leaders. 

Cluj 1


We are now hoping for a Young Professionals Movement to get started in Cluj, which would increase YP activities in the city and henceforth the amount of Marketplace Ambassadors for Christ. Please pray with us that God will help the local volunteers to unite themselves around this vision for their city and nation. 

In May I have visited the CRU Leaders Impact Conference. They asked me to speak with all their national leaders 2018 05 CRU 1and volunteers about being in business, the marketplace and reaching young professionals. I had very personal and inspiring conversations with their local leaders of Central and Eastern Europe. We were able to share life, insights and as Europartners all the tools and resources we have available. We offered to train and help them to use these tools in mobilizing businesspeople to fulfil their job as a Marketplace Ambassador of Christ.

Let us pray for
- their (marketplace) leaders
- for the nations of Poland, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Ukraine, and Czech. For their businesspeople, leaders to get to know Christ and become a role-model for others.

2018 05 CRU 2

Wouter has been invited to speak at the leaders summit for government and business in Bratislava, where Czech and Slovakia business people and politicians met. It was a great place to meet our business friends in Slovakia and Czech and Wouter had many fruitful conversations about partnering with Europartners and personal topics. In the breakfast speech at Friday, he shared his testimony and explained two different approaches in business. One focussed on personal gain and wellbeing only and one focussed on serving the city and all the stakeholders of the company, without being less profitable. It was well received. (Photo Ramses R. Girgis, talking about business excellence).2018 03 Slovakia



 We recently had our very first weekend of the Young Professionals Academy in Cluj, Romania. Our trainers Ron Zwaan and Frans van Santen had a great time together with 22 participants. Thanks to our volunteers Corneliu and Stephanie Niste, the weekend was very well organized. 

Together we discovered our calling and destiny as leaders. It was in a productive, intimate and open climate to which everyone contributed. At the end of the program we had communion together, remembering that we all are Christ’s own and live to honor Him. We would like to share this video with you that one of our appreciated volunteers made. Worth watching!

 2017 06 Cluj



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