Wouter has been invited to speak at the leaders summit for government and business in Bratislava, where Czech and Slovakia business people and politicians met. It was a great place to meet our business friends in Slovakia and Czech and Wouter had many fruitful conversations about partnering with Europartners and personal topics. In the breakfast speech at Friday, he shared his testimony and explained two different approaches in business. One focussed on personal gain and wellbeing only and one focussed on serving the city and all the stakeholders of the company, without being less profitable. It was well received. (Photo Ramses R. Girgis, talking about business excellence).2018 03 Slovakia



 We recently had our very first weekend of the Young Professionals Academy in Cluj, Romania. Our trainers Ron Zwaan and Frans van Santen had a great time together with 22 participants. Thanks to our volunteers Corneliu and Stephanie Niste, the weekend was very well organized. 

Together we discovered our calling and destiny as leaders. It was in a productive, intimate and open climate to which everyone contributed. At the end of the program we had communion together, remembering that we all are Christ’s own and live to honor Him. We would like to share this video with you that one of our appreciated volunteers made. Worth watching!

 2017 06 Cluj



What a great and lovely people. We met with the committee members of the organizing committee of the Global CBMC Convention at 21-23 June 2018. It promises to become a great event with good speakers, good music and businesspeople from all over the world. More information, with a first impression, watch our video: https://vimeo.com/225224152 . Save the date!
We also met the young professional coordinator of CBMC Belfast and had the opportunity to share ideas and discuss our Young Professional Academy and support. With one of the local leaders of CBMC Belfast we shared information about building small groups and evangelism.

2017 06 Belfast

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