This time we went to Armenia to teach Business God’s way and Finance God’s way. IMG 1718The thing that struck us most was the massive burden of individual debts in the personal lives of the Armenian people. Next to this we experienced a change of mindset to previous years. People were more hopeful, due to the changes in government.We met an Armenian businessperson who lived abroad, but is now investing in Armenia because he trusts that his investment will last and pay. The reason he gave, why he has started this last summer and not before, is that he has faith that it can work now under this government and he would like to support the economic development of the nation. 

What also stood out for us, were the amazing hospitality of the host family and the individual encounters with the Armenian Young Professionals, in which their eagerness to learn about “Business and Finance – God’s Way” and the longing to grow in their personal relationship to Jesus became evident. In addition to this, one young lady expressed her desire to personally be mentored and this has led to the beginning of the mentorship. We hope and pray that these Armenian Young Professionals will be key to the transformation of their nation.