It was a joy to visit our friends in Portugal and to serve them. We did 2 outreach events at Thursday evening and Friday evening.
Together in the 2 meetings we had a 50-60 attendees. 11 made the prayer dedication and 20 would like to know more and/or continue in a small group.2019Portugal02
I hope and pray they all will do what they intend too and they they will be followed-up.
Friday afternoon we had a strategic meeting with the board of ASPEC about goal, vision, mission and the future. They discovered that they were not united in goal and vision and they need to continue the discussion and follow-up this meeting. Pray for them
Saturday we had the whole day a seminar for Christian businesspeople about doing business God’s way, 20 businesspersons attended. It was very well received. They hadn’t received this teaching before and it was highly valued. 

Sunday speaking in Churches. I was hosted very well by Joao and his family. We also had the opportunity to do some sightseeing.