2019 04 UkraineTogether with Frank Suchy, Wouter travelled to Kiev for a CBMC meeting, a Young Professional meeting, preaching in churches and preparing a conference in October. It was a very special trip, where we were able to encourage the people, share wisdom and practical business insights. We discussed the future and how to bless and develop the nation.
We experienced that self-worth, self-love is rare. Being valued, encouraged and built to flourish is not part of the business culture in Ukraine. Having spiritual fathers who love and care is not common. Therefore it is important just to be there, to share time and friendship, taking questions and sharing wisdom and love. Frank and Wouter were allowed and able to do it.

After the young professional meeting, 15 young professionals signed up to be part of a small group.
We also planned a conference for Friday 4 October for business people and business leaders. If we could bring a positive change throughout business, this would help the development of the nation in a positive way. 
The trip was a blessing and we thank God for it.