This trip was about meeting friends, teaching the first year of the Young Professionals Academy and encouraging the CBMC board.
We had a 30 participants at our training for young professionals. We received good feedback afterwards. They were elated and happy with the teaching and the practical side of it. They could relate to the life stories and apply it in their daily life. 2019032 Latvia
We agreed to start two CBMC groups of young professionals afterwards, to maintain the connection en help them to develop their life. Abraham could also train some mentors to do the follow-up of the Young Professionals Weekend. He also made an appointment for June to train more business people and give the full CBMC coaching seminar and the 8 tele-classes afterwards.

Next to this I met a businessperson from Moscow and some other people from Russia. They invited me to come to Russia next year. An answer to what I had prayed for a long time.

Monday afternoon we met with the national CBMC board. We talked about bringing people in God's presence instead of only organising activities and trainings, small groups and the follow-up of this Young Professionals Weekend.

It was a fruitful trip. Please remind this nation in your prayers.

2019034 Latvia