Estonia September 7-9

We went to Estonia to promote the Young Professionals Academy in Estonia and in Latvia on a Young Professionals Weekend.
It was a success regarding the Latvian people.
They would like to receive this education in their nation and in principle we agreed to start the YPA on 11-13 January in Riga. 2018 09 Estonia

Besides this we did two radio interviews, preached in a Church and talked about the development of CBMC in Estonia.
We encouraged the leaders, because it is not easy for them. Estonia is very secular and seeing business as discipleship is not popular.
Therefore we discussed several options for a grow model. Please remember CBMC Estonia in your prayers.
We had great personal encounters with the participants of the YPW.
Especially the topic 'Identity' has been cause of a lively discussion and it had a powerful effect on many.
The difference between our identity and the roles we have in life was new. Inspiring was also the fact that we are beloved anyway,
due to the love and grace of God and not due to our behaviour.
The love and grace of God do not justify sin, but are an inspiration and result in a desire and longing in us,
to live this love and to share this love. It is God who, because of our identity as beloved children of God,
likes to make us whole again, as people who are one. Being and doing are merging together,
over time, due to the work of Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit in us,
with the goal to become a (business)person to the image and likeness of Christ.
Pray for our friends and that this joyful news of the gospel will be spread.