Belfast CBMC world convention June

You all prayed a lot for this convention and it prooved to be worth it. We have had a great time, very good teachings and many fruitful and touching encounters. Let me share just some stories out of many.2018 06 CBMC 1
• The day after we had a great speech of Steve Price of Jasco products, who give 50% of his profit away and where people queue up to receive wisdom and learn about discipleship, I spoke with a business persons who was that inspired that he will start giving away 10% of the profit of his company.
• The following message, I received by mail: On the return from Belfast on the plane, the Holy Spirit moulded me so that I made a decision inspired by your material. I decided to make a public statement of commitment. The goal of this commitment was:
- To publicly declare my commitment as a Christian businessman, I will also put it on the company's website.
- To call on other businessmen to come out in front of the church. 15 people did come out in front of the church. The pastor prayed for us afterwards, this was a moment of grace.
- This all lead to the shaping of the company's marketing communications where we will declare our faith.
• I received from a good friend the following message: We are all seeing God at work in our cities and in the marketplace. I am making contact with several professionals in my new city. I am also sensing God working in my life as a calling to marketplace ministry here in the Ukraine. We are gathering professionals together and starting to connect for discipleship opportunities involving Operation Timothy.
• I spoke with people from Finland, Spain, Romania, Ukraine and Latvia who would like to start new CBMC teams in their cities and nations.2018 06 CBMC 2