We experienced the Latvian people as very open and warm-hearted.
It was an honour to participate in the CBMC Latvia Board meeting and we were encouraged to hear what the Lord has done/is doing among the local business people. The ministry is growing, new team leaders are needed, and people come to Christ and get to know the Holy Spirit by the Alpha Business course. We are excited of what God is doing throughout CBMC Latvia.
The Young Professionals Academy weekend was very good. Linda, Olivier and Wouter did the training. It was about Business and finance God’s way, with a lot of interaction and practical cases. It was also a time of sharing hearts and prayer. We felt that the Latvian young professionals desire to serve God and see their nation transformed. During the weekend, many were willing to dedicate their company or career to God.


At the start of the year we had our second meeting in Estonia, in contrast to the first meeting some years ago we had a good number of people showing up.
The first day we talked about Business God’s way and the second day about Evangelism and Being an effective marketplace ambassador. IMG 5113
The content was valued, we build new relationships, discussed a follow-up program and met new leaders as well.

We are happy for our local partner, ‘Eesti Kristlikud Ettevõtjad (EKE)’, Estonian Christian entrepreneurs.

As part of our ministry we also give support to CBMC Africa. Once a year we travel to Africa to support and train African business leaders and CBMC Africa. This year the training was in Kenia. Many businesspeople from over more than 15 African nations joined the conference. It was a privilege to meet them. 2019 10 Africa
I trained the BridgeMeeting as a way to connect with non-Christian businesspeople and prepare the soil for the Word. Next to this I did an extensive training about, ‘ How to start and how to maintain a healthy business?’, too. Both trainings were very well received. The room was packed and even in the free time of the participants we extend the training on their request. Next to this I spoke with many business people in private and discussed their business and their life as a Christian in business.





Abraham Maldonado travelled with me to Kiev to train the CBMC businesspeople and the young professionals. Here his report.
“The Europartners' events in Kiev, Ukraine this past weekend, 4 - 6 October were a great blessing
and an inspiration to me. On Friday, October 4th we had a full day of training with business leaders focused on several topics relevant to the needs of the group like Servant Leadership and How to Serve in Business. The participants were eager to learn new principles and concepts for doing business with a kingdom mentality. 2019 10 Ukrain 02
Saturday and Sunday we had a wonderful group of young professionals who were exposed to the topics of being living proof of the reality of Jesus Christ and His message and how to share that message with cultural relevance and without offense. They were also taught coaching skills like active listening and asking powerful which can be useful in our efforts to reach others with the Gospel.
I have to say that I was highly impressed with the quality of the people that attended both events, but most of all I was their teachable hearts and their eagerness to make their lives count for building God's kingdom in the Ukraine that blessed me the most. It was a great privilege to work with Wouter again in helping build up this wonderful group of godly people in Kiev for the blessing of their own nation’ .

A personal quote: ‘ The gospel became newly alive for me in a very open, new and freeing way, although it was the same message I knew’. Amazing, thank you so much!



In Romania I spoke at a conference for business leaders about the question 2019 09 Bistritawhat it means to have a healthy and sustainable business. We had a good meeting with a 120 participants. Next to this there were encounters with business persons in private and with adolescents. We could preach in various churches.

Here I was impressed by the dedication of various business people to God. How they are able to integrate faith and business. How they listen to God for direction and how they invest in the lives of other people with their generosity and business. They build schools, help poor people go to hospital and create jobs in their area by building businesses. This is not all rational based, but they just do it and they experience God’s hand in just doing. Amazing. I learned a lot.

A direct and specific spin-off is the start of a business prayer and accountability group in Beclean.


This time we went to Armenia to teach Business God’s way and Finance God’s way. IMG 1718The thing that struck us most was the massive burden of individual debts in the personal lives of the Armenian people. Next to this we experienced a change of mindset to previous years. People were more hopeful, due to the changes in government.We met an Armenian businessperson who lived abroad, but is now investing in Armenia because he trusts that his investment will last and pay. The reason he gave, why he has started this last summer and not before, is that he has faith that it can work now under this government and he would like to support the economic development of the nation. 

What also stood out for us, were the amazing hospitality of the host family and the individual encounters with the Armenian Young Professionals, in which their eagerness to learn about “Business and Finance – God’s Way” and the longing to grow in their personal relationship to Jesus became evident. In addition to this, one young lady expressed her desire to personally be mentored and this has led to the beginning of the mentorship. We hope and pray that these Armenian Young Professionals will be key to the transformation of their nation.



It was a joy to visit our friends in Portugal and to serve them. We did 2 outreach events at Thursday evening and Friday evening.
Together in the 2 meetings we had a 50-60 attendees. 11 made the prayer dedication and 20 would like to know more and/or continue in a small group.2019Portugal02
I hope and pray they all will do what they intend too and they they will be followed-up.
Friday afternoon we had a strategic meeting with the board of ASPEC about goal, vision, mission and the future. They discovered that they were not united in goal and vision and they need to continue the discussion and follow-up this meeting. Pray for them
Saturday we had the whole day a seminar for Christian businesspeople about doing business God’s way, 20 businesspersons attended. It was very well received. They hadn’t received this teaching before and it was highly valued. 

Sunday speaking in Churches. I was hosted very well by Joao and his family. We also had the opportunity to do some sightseeing.


Together with Dirk Goudswaard, Wouter travelled to Bucharest, Romania for the second year of the Young Professionals Academy. We trained 'Business God’s way' and 'Finances God’s way'. It was nice to have the involvement of our senior Romanian business friend, Florian Peretz, too. He shared a lot of stories and wisdom. In between we had many personal conversations with these young professionals and shared life. It wasIMG 2149 a very rewarding weekend. Several made the decision to devote their life, but also the way they will lead their company and organize their finances, to Christ (again).

Wouter also visited the first European 'Business as Mission' conference in Europe. This was good for networking and meeting many friends.

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