It was a joy to visit our friends in Portugal and to serve them. We did 2 outreach events at Thursday evening and Friday evening.
Together in the 2 meetings we had a 50-60 attendees. 11 made the prayer dedication and 20 would like to know more and/or continue in a small group.2019Portugal02
I hope and pray they all will do what they intend too and they they will be followed-up.
Friday afternoon we had a strategic meeting with the board of ASPEC about goal, vision, mission and the future. They discovered that they were not united in goal and vision and they need to continue the discussion and follow-up this meeting. Pray for them
Saturday we had the whole day a seminar for Christian businesspeople about doing business God’s way, 20 businesspersons attended. It was very well received. They hadn’t received this teaching before and it was highly valued. 

Sunday speaking in Churches. I was hosted very well by Joao and his family. We also had the opportunity to do some sightseeing.


Together with Dirk Goudswaard, Wouter travelled to Bucharest, Romania for the second year of the Young Professionals Academy. We trained 'Business God’s way' and 'Finances God’s way'. It was nice to have the involvement of our senior Romanian business friend, Florian Peretz, too. He shared a lot of stories and wisdom. In between we had many personal conversations with these young professionals and shared life. It wasIMG 2149 a very rewarding weekend. Several made the decision to devote their life, but also the way they will lead their company and organize their finances, to Christ (again).

Wouter also visited the first European 'Business as Mission' conference in Europe. This was good for networking and meeting many friends.

2019 04 UkraineTogether with Frank Suchy, Wouter travelled to Kiev for a CBMC meeting, a Young Professional meeting, preaching in churches and preparing a conference in October. It was a very special trip, where we were able to encourage the people, share wisdom and practical business insights. We discussed the future and how to bless and develop the nation.
We experienced that self-worth, self-love is rare. Being valued, encouraged and built to flourish is not part of the business culture in Ukraine. Having spiritual fathers who love and care is not common. Therefore it is important just to be there, to share time and friendship, taking questions and sharing wisdom and love. Frank and Wouter were allowed and able to do it.

After the young professional meeting, 15 young professionals signed up to be part of a small group.
We also planned a conference for Friday 4 October for business people and business leaders. If we could bring a positive change throughout business, this would help the development of the nation in a positive way. 
The trip was a blessing and we thank God for it. 


This trip was about meeting friends, teaching the first year of the Young Professionals Academy and encouraging the CBMC board.
We had a 30 participants at our training for young professionals. We received good feedback afterwards. They were elated and happy with the teaching and the practical side of it. They could relate to the life stories and apply it in their daily life. 2019032 Latvia
We agreed to start two CBMC groups of young professionals afterwards, to maintain the connection en help them to develop their life. Abraham could also train some mentors to do the follow-up of the Young Professionals Weekend. He also made an appointment for June to train more business people and give the full CBMC coaching seminar and the 8 tele-classes afterwards.

Next to this I met a businessperson from Moscow and some other people from Russia. They invited me to come to Russia next year. An answer to what I had prayed for a long time.

Monday afternoon we met with the national CBMC board. We talked about bringing people in God's presence instead of only organising activities and trainings, small groups and the follow-up of this Young Professionals Weekend.

It was a fruitful trip. Please remind this nation in your prayers.

2019034 Latvia

Frankfurt is the financial centre for the European continent. It was a privilege to meet our German partner CiW, in the person of Michael vom Ende. 201901 Frankfurt

Together we visited CBMC Korea in Frankfurt and talked about cooperation in Frankfurt and Europe. Jeong Hwoan Yoon, Managing director of HSD Europe, represented K-CBMC in Frankfurt. K-CBMC Frankfurt started in April 2018.
We shared visions, goals, resources, networks and others. It was a fruitful visit and we thank our partners for the cooperation.

Once a year we support CBMC Africa and do trainings in the nation of their preference. This year it was Zambia. We visited the local CBMC groups, encouraged them and shared life and business. We also did some trainings. These were about starting and maintaining a business and about being a marketplace ambassador. It was all very well received. Next to this we met some local business people for a personal meeting and personal advice. It was great to experience how these people would like to serve God and shared their personal stories. We also had a meeting with the chair and president of CBMC Africa to discuss their future and their challenges. Amazing also was the sightseeing trip in Livingstone visiting the Victoria falls and the wildlife. It was very rewarding.


In Ukraine they asked us to speak at a conference of the Eastern European Leadership Forum. A conference for Christian leaders of Ukraine and Belarus. It was the first time they had a business track and teaching about finances. We taught Business and Finance God's way. 2018 11 UkraineNot to see business as an easy tool to become rich but as a way of discipleship. Business is also a way to bless society and the nation. It is a tool to set people free out of poverty. Work and business can give meaning and significance. It is also the place where we can be an ambassador of Christ. The teachings were well received and highly valued.
Next to this we were able to encourage our local leadership team of the Young Professionals Academy. We did a seminar about business finance for the local CBMC people. And we were able to meet some influential business people and to share our vision. Thank God for this trip and the meeting we had.

The trip to Belarus was very special. First we visited the CBMC group in Minsk and afterwards we went to Brest to visit our CBMC friends and to g2018 11 Belarusive a business seminar about customer retention, and customer satisfaction, and about starting a web shop. A good friend from Latvia did the talk about starting a web shop. Due to his upbringing in a poor family and being now a successful businessowner, he is a good role model for the entrepreneurs in Belarus. The goal for the future is to have 3 times a year such a business seminar and build relationships to share life and business. We also preached in the local church and for the youth of this church and city. My friend from Latvia shared his amazing testimony about how he received Christ and how this changed his life. It was an amazing weekend with many good encounters.

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