Wouter has been invited to speak at the leaders summit for government and business in Bratislava, where Czech and Slovakia business people and politicians met. It was a great place to meet our business friends in Slovakia and Czech and Wouter had many fruitful conversations about partnering with Europartners and personal topics. In the breakfast speech at Friday, he shared his testimony and explained two different approaches in business. One focussed on personal gain and wellbeing only and one focussed on serving the city and all the stakeholders of the company, without being less profitable. It was well received. (Photo Ramses R. Girgis, talking about business excellence).2018 03 Slovakia



Frans van Santen and Henk van der Linden had the privilege of training 65 young leaders in Kiev. The content of this training was authentic leadership, more specifically how the Christian faith is the foundation for authenticity. 


Authentic Leadership is a rather 'hip' term these days and especially younger people like to lead authentically. It has everything to do with personal leadership. How you lead yourself will on the long term determine how you lead others. Frans lead the morning teaching and concluded with four principles of authentic leadership: learn to embrace yourself, appreciate otherness, exercise relational transparancy and live up to your Christian values.


Henk then took over. As an executive therapist, he lead the group into discovering more about their deepest desires, into experiencing the love of God the Father for them personally, and into the area of self-rejection versus self-love. Henk told these young leaders that rejection of the self is "the mother of all rejection" and that it is therefore very important to learn to love the self with God's help and through Jesus' sacrifice.  

Kiev02We concluded with time for individual prayer and blessing. Almost all wanted to be prayed for, so it took quite a while before we had finished this beautiful day. Most of the individuals were deeply touched, and God's presence was profound. 

Together with Abraham Maldonado we have visited Armenia from 8 – 12 March.
We have run the first weekend of our Young Professionals Academy about ‘calling and destination’. 2018 03 Armenia 1

The 30 participants have worked on their life goals and guiding principles to live by. For some of them, the big take away was that they were able to set goals in their own life and to make these happen, instead of living a life dictated by circumstances and short term perspective. Others got an understanding of the value of planning, focus and discipline.

Most of them valued the vulnerability and life stories of Abraham as an inspiration and example how to live Christ in the daily working life.
Next to this we have been able to testify to some top-class leaders and influencers of the nation, to members of the English club in Yerevan, and we have preached in the local church. 

People were enthusiastic and have invited us back. 2018 03 Armenia 2
Together with the local people we will prepare a follow-up
and mentoring for the participants of the YP weekend.

From 8 – 11 February we organized a retreat for all national and yp leaders. As a group of 25 we used our time for prayer, contemplation and fellowship. It was good to let our busy lives be for a few days. One of our participants put it like this: “The busier I got in my personal and business life, the more I realized how much I needed to step back from it all and spend time with God”. It is hard for many of us to take conscious time for prayer and reflection on a regular basis. There are often so many pressing issues that God is set aside as we work our way through it all. And yet, prayer should be our driving force in life so we know that God is near.


Here is our most important takeaway from the retreat: as Christians it is probably our most important task to bring others in the presence of God. 


This can be done by praying on behalf of them, and by creating space for encountering God themselves. In this way we live up to our calling as priests, whether in business, at home, in our social lives or at church.


We are thankful for the time we were able to spend with God and each other, and for enjoying a guided tour through Malaga by Abraham Maldonado (see picture!).



Our very first YP weekend in Lisbon took place from 26 to 28 January. Our trainers Abraham Maldonado and Frans van Santen enjoyed the company of mostly Portuguese people, and we happy to also have two young entrepreneurs from Romania. This international mix helped everyone to look beyond personal borders, and learn from each other. 


Together we worked on discovering our calling and passion as a leader. For 2.5 days, the young professionals worked hard on their assignments which lead them to a better focus for their individual futures. In addition, everyone had individual prayertime, we worshiped together and celebrated communion at the end of the weekend. We are curious to see how the lives of these people will develop, and hopeful of what God will do through them to bless their environment.

We will be back next year for our second weekend of the Young Professionals Academy. 



On January 17, we enjoyed a very good night with numerous young professionals from Paris.


Frans van Santen was invited by Murielle Coco to speak about Faith and Work. He talked about the pursuit of the ideal life: the perfect partner (with nice kids!), the perfect job, the perfect house and according friendships. He used the story of Jacob to illustrate that if God is on your side, the pressure is taken off. He can even use your bad choices to create something good. Life is only ideal if you know Him.

The young professionals were vibrant and had compelling questions, especially when it comes to personal development and honoring Jesus in the marketplace. It is encouraging to see the movement in Paris grow, thanks to the efforts of Murielle. We will be back in June, and hope to launch the Young Professionals Academy there in 2019.




We have had a great training about what it is to be a Marketplace Ambassador for Christ in today’s business world.

We started the training with an explanation about the concept of being, instead of doing. We also talked about the role of the church to be focussed on the world, instead of on the church itself. In this training people got a clear picture about how to represent Christ, share the faith and serve the world in their daily job and throughout their daily business without having extra activities and programs.IMG 3998

We also trained coaching skills as a default attitude in our daily life and leadership, to develop people and help to reach their goals and potential. The participants shared and understood that it would improve their communication, their understanding of others and their ability to come close to other people. So half of the group subscribed to coaching webinars following on this training, to improve their skills.

We also trained the BridgeMeetings, as a business leaders meeting place, to meet t

heir friends and talk about the meaning of economy and business and living a better life by intentionally living their values.
And the participants got a nice overview of using Alpha Business as a tool to discover the Christian faith with their friends.
Last but not least we learned about the power of a small accountability group to receive wisdom, insights and keeping on the track in life and business.

IMG 3999



 Our trainers Wouter Droppers and Frans van Santen had a good time training Ukraine125 young leaders from Kiev. 

Together we explored our calling and destiny. The participants worked hard and were eager to learn from us. We spent our time in an open atmosphere and were grateful for how well our message was received. At the end of the program we celebrated communion together, remembering that we all are Christ’s own and live to honour Him. We hope to come back next year, and for many young leaders to be mentored in the meantime. 




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